Jessica Frech is back into the eyes and ears of 2015, teaming up with the faith-based record label, Eleven 17 to release her sophomore record titled “Home.” The inspirational record takes a different approach to the singer-songwriter’s usual slapstick, comedic, parodies for which she’s gained most of her online attention. Instead, she says, “This record was an extremely spiritual experience to make,” which she hopes will resonate with all those who listen. The record is scheduled to release in 2015, but you can catch her single, “Speak Softer Love Louder” here.

The quirky, pop-folk artist has been entertaining listeners and viewers for the past four years, bringing in over 80,000 subscribers and almost 20 million viewers on her witty and energetic videos on her self-titled Youtube channel.


As quoted by Billboard, Jess’ “endearing wit” has landed her appearances on FOX News, ABCNews, MSNBC, G4 “Attack of the Show,” Hyundai, Pepto-Bismol, COSMO radio on SiriusXM, and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

In a Zooey Deschanel meets Norah Jones mash-up, the twenty-four year old Nashville native is tapping into this latest record with her southern-folk roots with an ever-growing spirit and hopefulness. Listeners of all ages are sure to find their own stories alongside her heartwarming and uplifting songs. For weekly updates and guaranteed entertainment, tune in to Jess’ fun and quirky YouTube channel.