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Jessica Frech is surprising 2017 with her second single of the year; “Cobalt” featuring Nashville producer, Sarin Kuruvilla. The electro pop track showcases Frech's floating vocals and melodies. "Cobalt" takes a different approach to the singer-songwriter’s usual slapstick, comedic, parodies for which she’s gained most of her online attention. The quirky, pop-folk artist has been entertaining listeners and viewers for the past five years, bringing in over 20 million viewers to her witty self-titled Youtube channel.


As quoted by Billboard, Jess’ “endearing wit” has landed her appearances on FOX News, ABCNews, MSNBC, SiriusXM, and more. The twenty-five year old Nashville native has also gained the eye of brands like Hyundai USA, Pepto-Bismol, and Hewlett Packard. "Cobalt" is sure to be 2017's electro pop superlative replay. 

"Cobalt" will be available everywhere online 4.17.2017.



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